‘Fleabag’ Star Andrew Scott Talks Series’ Alternate Ending

The Hot Priest is keeping his lips sealed! Andrew Scott won hearts around the world as The Priest (whom the Internet later dubbed the “hot priest”) on the Prime series Fleabag

Creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge revealed in a 2019 interview with The Guardian that the show, which only ran for two seasons, actually had an “alternative ending,” which she refused to share. 

In a new cover story for British GQ‘s Men of the Year special issue, Scott is asked about the aforementioned plot line. 

In the new interview, Scott says that Waller-Bridge did reveal the alternate ending to him, but that he won’t reveal is what it was, mostly because he appreciates the ending the show had. 

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“I genuinely think it’s completely perfect,” he shares. 

The series ends with Fleabag (Waller-Bridge) and The Priest (Scott) sitting on a bench waiting for a bus and confessing their feelings for one another. Fleabag confesses her love for The Priest and he tells her, “It’ll pass,” before adding, “I love you too,” and walking away. Fleabag ends the series by having her break the fourth wall one more time by smiling at the camera.

As for being dubbed the “Hot Priest” by the Internet, the Scottish actor takes it as a compliment. 

“I think there’s a difference between objectification and admiration. So no, I didn’t, it didn’t ever bother me,” he says of the attention from the show. 

The show, which was adapted from an award-winning play written by Waller-Bridge, won six Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes. 


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