‘Love Is Blind’: Uche Says Milton Had ‘Serious Concerns’ About Lydia

Uche Okoroha is sharing his side of the story after he skipped the season 5 reunion of Love Is Blind. The contestant previously shared on his Instagram Story that he was on a business trip when the Netflix show filmed the reunion, promising to answer fans’ questions. 

When one person asked about the text messages that Uche sent to his co-star, James Milton Johnson IV (aka Milton), Uche provided a screenshot of the message he sent to Milton of his wedding day. 

Milton married Uche’s ex, Lydia Velez Gonzalez, whom he dated prior to appearing on the show. Uche and Lydia’s history was a big topic of contention and the reason why Uche’s main connection, Aaliyah Cosby, left the show early. 


During the reunion, Milton said that Uche texted him on his wedding day and he didn’t respond. 

Uche confirmed this, but added, “Off camera, Milton is more open with his emotions. We had a video chat three days before the wedding where he expressed some serious concerns to me. The text was to congratulate him, but follow up on these concerns. This had nothing to do with Lydia.” 

Milton and Lydia were the only couple to get married on season 5, with the pair still going strong. Uche claims that while many cast members expressed their dislike of him, he was a source of advice for several cast members. 

Uche Okoroha/Instagram

“Milton and I may not have been close, but many of the guys came to me for advice and guidance and I wanted to be there for him and check in on him after our discussion,” Uche claimed. “Milk = Milton’s pod nickname before anyone asks lol.” 


Milton discussed Uche’s text during the reunion, saying, “He occasionally still texts. He’ll reach out. No response. I won’t respond to him. No purpose, no point… The day I got married… he said, ‘Hey, man, heard you got married. Wanna talk about it?'”

ET spoke with Lydia shortly after the reunion wrapped, saying, “I know who I am and I know my intentions were pure and genuine and honestly, I don’t have anything to prove to anyone besides myself.”


Milton also told ET of his wife’s intentions, “I’ve never doubted my wife’s intentions. I think it’s a tragedy that there are people who would try to distract or convolute who my wife is. I think it’s unfortunate that my wife got backlash based on people of her past or what they said. I know my wife better than anyone else. She’s gone through so much adversity that she’s kind of just rolling through that.”  

Season 5 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix. 


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