Regulating the electronic structure of manganese-based materials to optimize the performances of zinc-ion batteries


Manganese-based materials are considered as one of the most promising energy storage cathode materials for zinc-ion batteries (ZIBs). In order to achieve major breakthroughs in commercialization, optimizing their poor inherent performance through various modification methods has attracted extensive attention. The previous reviews mainly focus on the improvement of electrochemical performance and the specific means but lack the discussion of the common internal mechanisms that various regulatory strategies can bring about significant changes in electronic structure, which is insufficient to provide in-depth guidance and reference for the electrochemical performance optimization of manganese-based materials. Herein, by summarizing the contribution of almost all modification strategies to the significant changes in electronic structure, this review discloses that the electronic structure regulation can be used as a general means to optimize the intrinsic properties, and proposes a top-down electrochemical performance optimization methodology, which provides comprehensive suggestions for the optimization of manganese-based materials performance. Notably, the electronic structure regulation effects of different modification methods are thoroughly compared, and their applicability and economy are evaluated, which is expected to further accelerate the commercialization of manganese-based ZIBs.


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