‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shuts Down Criticism Over Robyn Comments


Meri Brown is speaking out after a psychologist posted a recent video about the Sister Wives star. According to Meri, the unnamed psychologist criticized her for “supporting somebody and saying that since I have somebody’s back, I’m not really allowed to say that I disagree with something that they have said or done.”

This is seemingly a direct reference to Meri’s comments on a recent episode of Sister Wives where she said she had Robyn Brown‘s back. 

“I have her back. Do I agree with everything that she does or says or thinks? No,” Meri said during the season 18 premiere

In her new Instagram video, which the reality star filmed in New York City’s Central Park, she disagreed with the notion that she couldn’t support someone whom she didn’t completely agree with. 

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“Respectfully, I disagree. I think that it is completely valid and completely within my right and within your right to support somebody to have somebody’s back and not agree with everything that they do or say,” Meri said. “Just because somebody doesn’t have the same opinion, values, perspective that I do, doesn’t mean I can’t have their back.”

Noting that she planned to “continue” supporting the unnamed person, Meri added, “Isn’t that what life is about is to be able to learn and grow and have our own opinions and perspectives and allow others to do the same?” 

Robyn is Kody Brown‘s only remaining wife following a series of recent splits. Christine Brown announced in 2021 that she had left Kody and relocated to Utah. She has since gotten engaged to David Woolley. 

Janelle Brown shared that she and Kody separated during the show’s One-on-One special earlier this year and has recently referred to herself as “single.” 

And in January, Meri announced that she and Kody had “permanently terminated” their marriage after years of estrangement. Though Robyn has regularly been accused of being Kody’s “favorite,” leading to a lot of tension within the Brown family, she and Meri have been close on the TLC series, often getting together to talk though the drama with Kody’s other wives. 

Meri and Kody share child, Leon Brown, who came out as transgender in 2022. Kody is the father of 18 children in total. 

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 



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