‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Robyn Covers Kody’s Mouth as He Slams Commenter

Robyn Brown is trying to step in and stop her husband, Kody Brown, from making some insulting comments. During Friday’s Sister Wives: Talk Back, Part 2 special, the family’s only remaining couple was answering fan comments and questions on camera. 

The former polygamist patriarch read a comment from a man named Jeff, who wrote, “I think it’s awesome that you guys found each other and just want to be together. I think that you should own it and just say that!”

The father of 18 didn’t take kindly to the sentiment, replying, “Well, Jeff, I think you’re a victim of 20 hours of our life versus 365 days.”

Robyn lunged across the couch to cover her husband’s mouth, telling him, “Stop! You be nice.”


Kody defended his response, saying, “Well, listen, we didn’t want our family to break up. Isn’t that obvious?”

“I know, well, right, but he’s not trying to be rude,” Robyn insisted. 

“Jeff, you’re reading too many tabloids. We didn’t want this breakup. I didn’t want this breakup,” Kody continued as Robyn repeated that she didn’t think the comment was ill-intended. 

“He’s not being rude. He was trying to be kind, Kody, he wasn’t trying to be rude,” Robyn said. 

“Sorry, listen, I’ve gone through three divorces in three years. I’m not a happy camper. And I’m not nice,” Kody noted as Robyn rolled her eyes and sat back on the couch. 

In 2021, Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, announced her split from her husband of 25 years. The next year, Janelle Brown separated from Kody, and in early 2023, Meri Brown publicly announced that she had “permanently terminated” her marriage to Kody after years of estrangement. 

Robyn is Kody’s only remaining wife and the couple now lives monogamously. 


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