SLB Joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Geneva, Switzerland 23 October 2023 – SLB has joined more than 200 forward-thinking companies as the newest member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). 

SLB is a global technology company driving energy innovation for a balanced planet. The company stands at the forefront of innovation in oil and gas, delivering digital at scale, decarbonizing industry, and developing and scaling new energy systems to accelerate the energy transition. 

As the newest member of WBCSD, SLB is committed to helping drive the global shift towards sustainable energy production and was the first company in its industry to commit to achieving net zero inclusive of Scope 1-3 emissions by 2050.  

The company is focused on developing technology to make oil and gas production cleaner, providing solutions to eliminate methane and routine flare emissions, investing in the new energy solutions of tomorrow, and advancing technologies, such as Carbon Capture and Storage, with the potential to reverse the effects of climate change. 

SLB’s sustainability priorities are centered around three areas of focus: climate action, people, and nature. As such, SLB’s alignment with WBCSD’s mission will enable the two organizations to drive progress together – for a net zero, nature-positive, and more equitable future.  

“At SLB, we have placed the global energy challenge at the heart of who we are, and to solve it, we are embedding sustainability in everything we do. Our focus areas of climate action, people, and nature are deeply rooted in our corporate strategy, and our global presence enables us to drive meaningful progress in support of a balanced planet. We are thrilled to announce our WBCSD membership, and to be part of a community that is fully aligned with our sustainability objectives. This partnership marks a significant milestone for SLB, and we look forward to partnering with fellow WBCSD members to accelerate our shared sustainability goals in the years ahead,” said Katherina Beumelberg, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer at SLB. 

“SLB’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and its global footprint make it a valuable addition to our community.  Technology and innovation are key enablers of sustainability frameworks today. Their global reach and vision of sustainability as a key performance benchmark will empower them as a crucial player to help create the building blocks of transformation as envisioned by the Council. Together with WBCSD, SLB will aim to catalyze transformative action to achieve a better world where 9+ billion people live well within planetary boundaries by mid-century,” said Peter Bakker, CEO & President of WBCSD.  

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