SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son makes artificial intelligence prediction, urges Japanese companies to embrace it 

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son urged Japanese companies to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) or get left behind in the internet age. He was speaking at the SoftBank World corporate conference in Tokyo Wednesday.  

In his rousing speech, Son asked the companies to “wake up” to the promise of AI, arguing they had increasingly fallen behind. He reiterated his confidence in chip designer Arm as essence of the “AI revolution”. 

Arm CEO Rene Haas, speaking at the event via video, promoted the energy efficiency of Arm’s plans, saying they would turn out to be progressively pursued to power AI. 

The SoftBank CEO predicted that artificial general intelligence (AGI), AI that surpasses human intelligence in almost all areas, will be acknowledged within 10 years. 

Son said he believes AGI will be 10 times more intelligent than the whole of all human intelligence. He noticed the quick advancement in generative AI that he said has surpassed human intelligence in specific areas. 

“It is wrong to say that AI cannot be smarter than humans as it is created by humans. AI is now self-learning, self-training, and self-inferencing, just like human beings,” Son added. 

Son has discussed the potential of AGI – ordinarily using the expression “singularity” – to change business and society for some years, however this is the first time he has given a timeline for its development. 

He likewise presented the idea of “Artificial Super Intelligence” at the conference. He guaranteed it would be acknowledged in 20 years and would outperform human intelligence by a component of 10,000. 

Son is known for a few shrewd bets that have transformed SoftBank into a tech investment giant as well as certain bets that have staggeringly floundered. 

He’s likewise inclined to making strident cases about the extraordinary effect of new technologies. His predictions about the mobile internet have been generally borne out while those about the Internet of Things have not. 

The SoftBank CEO said he assumes he is the only person who thanks AGI will come in 10 years’ time, while Haas said he figured it would come during his lifetime. 

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