WBCSD and ERM set out a sustainability transformation framework to help companies seize historic commercial opportunities

Geneva, 30 April 2024: The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the ERM Sustainability Institute have released a new report, “Catching the Wave: Seizing the Opportunities of Sustainability Transformation,” providing experience-based guidance for executives tasked with steering their companies through an era of profound change and unparalleled opportunity.

Based on in-depth interviews with 50 senior global business leaders and sustainability practitioners, as well as active engagements with another 80 global business executives, the report explores the multiple truths that companies must navigate to thrive in this period of transformation. For example, the threat of social and environmental challenges merging into a single polycrisis is real and increasing, yet many technological and commercial solutions to these risks are charging ahead exponentially. The report also draws on the lessons of past disruptions, particularly the digital revolution, to outline how bold action will define winners in the sustainability transformation.  

Combining these findings with insights on what is working for companies in the more advanced stages of integrating sustainability, the report presents a sustainability transformation framework to help companies navigate change and seize opportunities. Designed as a practical guide for unlocking immediate action, it sets out the steps companies can take now to translate sustainability strategies into commercial success, operational efficiency, and resilience. 

“At a time when the global landscape is rapidly evolving, businesses must adapt to new realities or risk being left behind,” remarked Dominic Waughray, EVP Imperatives at WBCSD. “The Catching the Wave report equips leaders with the insights and strategies they need to not only survive but thrive in the face of the unprecedented sustainability transformation that is taking place throughout the business community and its value chains.” 

“For companies committed to combining commercial success with sustainability impact, this report is an indispensable resource,” noted Sabine Hoefnagel, Global Leader of Sustainability and Risk at ERM. “It distils the wisdom and experiences of industry leaders into actionable strategies, empowering businesses to integrate sustainability into their organizational fabric, seize its commercial potential, and be resilient in the face of disruptions.”

The Catching the Wave report is available for download on the WBCSD and ERM Sustainability Institute websites.


WBCSD: James Gomme – gomme@wbcsd.org
ERM : Meryl Hanlon – meryl.hanlon@erm.com


You can also find the report at this link: Catching the wave – Seizing the opportunities of sustainability transformation

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