Here’s everything Apple announced at its 2023 event: iPhone 15 models, new Apple Watch, updated AirPods

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Attendees look at brand-new Apple products during an Apple event at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, Sept. 12, 2018.

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That’s the end of our live reporting! We’ll try to check out the devices in person as soon as we can. Thanks for joining.

— Hayden Field

Apple’s high-end iPhone will work well with its high-end headset

Photos and videos look “lifelike,” an Apple executive said, when taken on an iPhone 15 Pro and viewed on the Vision Pro.

Users can now capture spatial videos, which use both the ultrawide and regular cameras to create 3D videos that can be enjoyed in the Vision Pro. Those videos can be shared with anyone who has an Apple Vision Pro and will roll out “later this year.”

— Rohan Goswami

Apple iPhone 15 Pro costs $999 and iPhone Pro Max costs $1,199

Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max pricing.

Source: Apple Inc.

Apple announced its iPhone 15 Pro will start at its same price as last year, $999. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will cost $1,199, which is a price increase, but users will get a storage bump of 256 gigabytes.

Users can preorder the phones Friday and they will be available Sept. 22.

— Ashley Capoot

The iPhone 15 Pro cameras are getting a big upgrade

The Apple iPhone 15 Camera.

Source: Apple Inc.

The 48-megapixel cameras will now be able to shoot in 48MP HEIF and super high resolution as a default. The 24-megapixel photos will work in low-light, highly detailed photographs.

The sensor is bigger than in previous iPhone models, and iPhone 15 Pro’s Photonic Engine allows 24, 28 and 35 millimeter focal lengths.

There will also be a 3X telephoto camera for the iPhone 15 Pro. For the 15 Pro Max, that will be upgraded up to a 5X zoom. That’s a new differentiation between the two models of the already highest-end iPhones.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will also include a 120 millimeter focal length. Users can also connect their iPhone 15 Pro directly to their Mac computers.

— Rohan Goswami

USB-C update means old Lightning cables will no longer work

Apple iPhone 15 USB-C Connector

Source: Apple Inc. 

Since Apple is switching to USB-C charging with the iPhone 15, users’ old Lightning cables will no longer work.

This means U.S. residents upgrading will have to get new cables, although many people already have them for their laptops, headphones and other gadgets. But Apple will also likely include a cable in the iPhone’s box.

— Ashley Capoot

Apple introduces an “action button” for iPhone 15 Pro

The Apple iPhone 15 Action Button.

Source: Apple Inc.

Apple is replacing its mute switch with an “action button” on its iPhone 15 Pro model. When users press it, they can still switch between their ringer and silence, but they can also choose from a host of different actions. People can press the button and start a voice memo, for instance.

The button will also correspond with visual feedback in the iPhone 15 Pro’s dynamic island.

— Ashley Capoot

The new features will be powered by the A17 Pro, the industry’s first 3nm chip

Apple iPhone Pro A17 Pro chip.

Source: Apple Inc.

The new A17 Pro chip includes a “breakthrough” GPU, a 3 nanometer chip likely manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor. It also includes 19 billion transistors.

It will have two high-performance cores and four “efficiency” cores. The Neural Engine, Apple’s artificial intelligence accelerator, will be twice as fast and powered by 16 cores, per the company. The GPU is a six-core unit that Apple says is 20% faster than the prior version, and the company says the GPUs are focused on gaming rather than AI.

— Kif Leswing

iPhone 15 Pro will come in three colors

The high-end, titanium-enclosed iPhone 15 Pro will come in black, blue and silver. Apple executives are touting how light and thin it is, while also emphasizing the strength of titanium, comparing it to the alloys used in the Mars rover.

— Rohan Goswami

iPhone 15 Pro will ship with a titanium case, the ‘lightest’ and ‘thinnest borders’ on an iPhone ever

The Apple iPhone 15 Titanium Pro.

Source: Apple Inc.

The tougher titanium material will wrap the two iPhone 15 Pro models. Right now, they use aluminum, which is less durable. The titanium is brushed and, judging by the teaser video, has slightly softened edges compared to the current iPhone 14 Pro generation.

— Rohan Goswami

Apple iPhone 15 can call roadside assistance via satellite

Apple SOS Assistance.

Source: Apple Inc.

Apple announced that the iPhone 15 will be able to call roadside assistance via satellite.

This means users without cell service who need help on the road will still be able to get it. The service will be free to iPhone 15 users for two years.

— Ashley Capoot

iPhone 15 price has been announced, starting at $799

Apple reveals iPhone 15 pricing: $799 for base model and $899 for iPhone 15+

The base iPhone 15 will cost $799. The larger iPhone 15 Plus will cost $899. The low-end price remains unchanged.

— Kif Leswing

Apple confirms USB-C coming to iPhone

The Apple iPhone 15 USB-C Connector.

Source: Apple Inc.

“USB-C has become a universally accepted standard, so we’re bringing it to iPhone,” an Apple presenter said. It was the biggest cheer of the morning in Cupertino, California.

— Kif Leswing

USB-C, ‘a universally accepted standard,’ is coming to iPhone 15

The audience let out its largest cheer yet when Apple announced both USB-C charging and wired Airpods for the next-generation iPhone 15. The 2nd generation Airpods Pro will also be updated for USB-C, an executive said.

— Kif Leswing

Apple’s current top-end A16 Bionic chip will now be standard on the base iPhone 15

The 16-core A16 Bionic chip first debuted on the top-end iPhone 14 Pro last year. Now, it’s coming to Apple’s entry-level iPhone 15.

— Rohan Goswami

Apple’s new bands show the company moving beyond fashion

Apple partnering with Nike and Hermes for new Apple Watch Series 9 bands

Since Apple has stopped using leather as a material in its products, it introduced several new bands and colors based on fiber and plastic on Tuesday, many of which show that they use recycled materials through their coloring or pattern.

While ditching leather may be good for the environment, it’s a clear break from the original Apple Watch launch back in 2014, which focused on fashion, including its partnerships with luxury brands and luxury finishes such as leather.

— Kif Leswing

Both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will have the Dynamic Island

Apple introduces the iPhone 15.

Source: Apple Inc.

First introduced in the iPhone 14 Plus, the Dynamic Island is now rolling out to both the higher- and lower-end version of the iPhone 15.

— Rohan Goswami

The new iPhone 15 is here

Apple introduces the iPhone 15.

Source: Apple Inc.

Tim Cook is back on stage. The company is now announcing the latest in the lineup: the iPhone 15. A preview video teased an iPhone 15 in a muted pink, yellow, green, blue and, of course, black.

— Rohan Goswami

Apple Watch Ultra 2 price is announced: $799

The Apple Watch Series 9.

Source: Apple Inc.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 will be priced at $799, the Series 9 will be priced at $399 and the second generation SE will be $249, the company said.

— Rohan Goswami

Leather bands are a thing of the past, Apple says

Apple partnering with Nike and Hermes for new Apple Watch Series 9 bands

Apple introduced new fine woven bands for its watch that are made without any leather, which the company says is better for the environment.

The company also collaborated with luxury brand Hermès on four new leather-free bands and announced a band collaboration with sportswear brand Nike.

— Ashley Capoot

Apple unveils the new Apple Watch Ultra 2

The new Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Source: Apple Inc.

Jeff Williams is now previewing the new high-end Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra 2. The new watch will include the new S9 chip, with precision finding through a new second-generation ultra wideband architecture, and a new display capable of 3,000 nits. It also has 72 hours of battery life and 95% recycled titanium.

The device will come with a new watch face, exclusively for Ultra 2, called Modular Ultra. Apple describes it as the most customizable watch face it has ever made.

— Rohan Goswami

Apple’s top environmental executive is now on stage

Apple provides updates on its environmental initiatives.

Source: Apple Inc.

Former Environmental Protection Agency administrator and top Apple executive Lisa Jackson is now discussing the company’s ongoing efforts to step up its clean energy and manufacturing processes.

It’s a complex endeavor for the company, but Jackson said the company was committed to reducing its Scope 3 emissions, or emissions from a corporate supply chain. The company also signed a letter reiterating that commitment earlier this month.

— Rohan Goswami

Actress Octavia Spencer makes cameo in environmental video

Tim Cook meets with “Mother Nature.”

Apple Inc.

Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer made a cameo as “Mother Nature” during the event in a long video about Apple’s environmental initiatives. Apple’s Lisa Jackson, the head of environment, public policy and social initiatives, appeared in the video, too.

Tim Cook also joined in on the fun and cracked a couple of jokes.

— Ashley Capoot

Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on its “neural engine,” which is its AI accelerator

The “neural engine” is a part of Apple’s chips made for machine learning and is Apple’s main artificial intelligence play — it should improve Apple’s own chips to run AI on phones and watches using less power. It has been mentioned several times already as executives discuss the new chip in the Apple Watch. The company’s approach is strikingly different from the server-based approach from companies such as OpenAI and Google, which uses more power.

— Kif Leswing

There’s a new Apple Watch feature: Double Tap

Apple Watch Series 9 includes 'double tap' for hands-free interaction

Apple Watch users can now use their index finger and thumb to interact with their Apple Watch without ever directly touching the screen. All they have to do is tap their index finger and thumb together to interact with their watch, allowing for a one-handed user experience.

It’s powered by the heart sensor and the gyroscope, along with a machine-learning algorithm to track changes in blood flow, an Apple executive said.

— Rohan Goswami

The Apple Watch has a new Find My iPhone feature with more accuracy

The new Apple Watch has a better, improved “Find My iPhone” feature. Instead of just pinging the device, the new Watch will be able to point you to exactly where you left your iPhone, like in your pocket.

— Kif Leswing

The Apple Watch has a new S9 chip, which Apple is calling its most “powerful yet”

Right off the bat, Apple is focusing on its new S9 chip, which the company is describing as its most powerful processor in a watch to date. It’s the first major upgrade in some years, and it comes after years of upgrades to other features, such as screen size or sensors.

— Rohan Goswami

Tim Cook gives a quick nod to Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro

Apple CEO Tim Cook: We're excited about what we're seeing from Vision Pro developer labs

Tim Cook quickly mentioned Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, which the company announced this summer, but he didn’t reveal any new details.

“The Apple Team is making great progress with Vision Pro, and we look forward to shipping early next year,” Cook said.

— Ashley Capoot

Apple’s number-two executive is presenting updates to the Apple Watch

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams has taken to the stage to present the new Apple Watch.

— Kif Leswing

Tim Cook has confirmed that updates are coming to the iPhone and Apple Watch

I’m here in the Steve Jobs Theater. Tim Cook has just said we can expect updates about “two essential products” — the new iPhone and Apple Watch. First, the company is going to demo new updates to the Mac.

— Kif Leswing

Apple begins the event with a new ad spot, highlighting its products

An ad runs ahead of the Apple event in Cupertino, California, Sept. 12, 2023.

Source: Apple

The opening ad focuses on how the Apple Watch can help people’s health, featuring people who say it could have saved their lives, citing heart rate monitors and Apple’s emergency SOS feature. The company emphasized its emergency features in a launch event last year, in an unusually serious tone for the company.

— Kif Leswing

Tim Cook kicks things off

Apple CEO Tim Cook has kicked off the event.

“We strive to make the world a better place in all things we do and today’s event advances that mission in a number of ways,” Cook said.

— Ashley Capoot

Tim Cook is on stage as stream begins early with more than 1 million people already tuned in

Tim Cook is on stage. Apple’s launch events get major attention from consumers and investors alike. The stream has just begun and there are already more than 1 million people waiting in the YouTube stream, available here.

— Rohan Goswami

We’re in our seats and the lights are dimming

Attendees seated at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, Sept. 12, 2023.

Kif Leswing | CNBC

We’re seated in the Steve Jobs Theater and the lights are dimming. It’s almost go time.

— Kif Leswing

Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway spotted chatting with Apple executives

Ron Conway, founder of SV Angel, speaks during the TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2015 conference in New York, May 4, 2015.

Michael Nagle | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway was spotted at the event, chatting with Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, and Eddy Cue, Apple’s services senior vice president.

— Kif Leswing

A plane is flying a banner above Apple’s campus, urging the company to fight exploitative material

A plane flies above the Apple campus in Cupertino, California, with a banner that reads, “Dear Apple, Detect Child Sexual Abuse in iCloud.”

Steve Kovach | CNBC

High above Steve Jobs Theater, a small aircraft is flying a banner urging the company to do more in the fight against child sexual abuse material, or CSAM.

“Dear Apple, Detect Child Sexual Abuse in iCloud,” the banner reads. Apple canceled the rollout in December of a tool that would help identify known or suspected sexual abuse material inside user iCloud drives and storage after backlash over potential privacy intrusions.

— Rohan Goswami

Check out the snack spread

Drinks and snacks on display at the Apple event in Cupertino, California, Sept. 12, 2023.

Kif Leswing | CNBC

People are enjoying snacks such as juice and fruit as they wait for the event to start.

Ashley Capoot

We’re about to take our seats

People walk through the Steve Jobs Theater prior to an event at the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, on September 12, 2023.

Nic Coury | AFP | Getty Images

People are milling about at the Steve Jobs Theater, a building on Apple’s campus built specifically for launch events. Some are beginning to take their seats.

— Kif Leswing

Apple Store website temporarily down, per tradition

The Apple website is down as Apple gears up for a product event in Cupertino, California, on Sept. 12, 2023.

In keeping with tradition, the Apple Store website is temporarily down as the company prepares to launch its new devices.

The Store should be back up and running shortly after the event.

— Ashley Capoot

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s cryptic message on social media

Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a cryptic message ahead of the event’s start, as he has done in years past. “It’s almost Time!” Cook wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with a photo of the sun rising above the Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s Cupertino, California, campus.

It could allude to the anticipated new Apple Watch lineup. The company has been reportedly experimenting with titanium casings and 3D printing in the manufacturing process.

Rohan Goswami

The new iPhone may be made out of titanium

Apple’s invite to its Sept. 12 event.


Apple’s iPhones could now have a lighter body made out of titanium, as compared to the stainless steel used on current iPhone 14 Pros. Apple’s event invite showed an Apple logo that resembled titanium.

Apple’s watches will also receive updates and will likely be billed as Series 9. The company could update some of its accessories that previously used a Lightning charger to the new USB-C charger as well.

— Kif Leswing

New USB-C charging port expected

An iPhone 14 Pro with a Lightning cable (left) and a USB-C cable (right). Apple will most likely replace its in-house Lightning connector with USB-C after the European Union decided that phone manufacturers must use the USB-C standard by the end of 2024.

Christoph Dernbach | Picture Alliance | Getty Images

This year’s new iPhone will likely be branded as the iPhone 15, and the biggest change for the device could be a USB-C charging port. The USB-C port would replace Apple’s proprietary Lightning charger, which has been incorporated into iPhones since 2012.

The USB-C charging port, which was required by new European regulations passed late last year, will mean that iPhones share a charger with Android phones, newer laptops, iPads, most wireless headphones and other gadgets.

— Kif Leswing

We’re here at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino

An Apple event pass shown in Cupertino, California, Sept. 12, 2023.

Steve Kovach | CNBC

We’re here live in Cupertino, California, at Apple’s headquarters, where the company is getting ready to unveil its new devices. Press and analysts will start filtering in over the next couple hours, but I’m already parked on the broadcast risers outside the Steve Jobs Theater. This year’s badges sport a blue logo, matching the one from the invitation Apple sent a couple weeks ago.

— Steve Kovach

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