Influencer’s 2-Year-Old Dead From Drowning While Parents Were Sleeping

Influencer Jasmine Young and her husband, Lim Kong Wang, have suffered a tragic loss. The couple took to social media earlier this month to share the heartbreaking story of how their 2-year-old son, Enzo, had died

In a post that is translated to English, Jasmine details the events that occurred prior to little Enzo’s death. She says the family was staying in a hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day. 

Noting that Enzo was “snuggled around us drinking milk and fell asleep,” Jasmine said that she and her husband also napped only to wake and find Enzo missing. 

She said that they “saw that the originally locked door of the indoor pool had been opened.” 

Enzo was found in the pool and they conducted “emergency CPR,” but he did not respond. 

“Due to poor hotel network, we couldn’t call for help either,” Jasmine wrote. “We rushed to the hotel lobby with the baby and asked the hotel staff to help call an ambulance and help do first aid until the ambulance arrived.”

She said that Enzo did recover his heartbeat in the hospital while in a coma, but that tragically his heart stopped the next day. 

Jasmine followed up the post with several photos and videos of her little boy. 

Jasmine, a lifestyle blogger, regularly shared photos and videos with Enzo on her account, which has more than 400,000 followers. 


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